“Sunday” Soft Kit Sparring

Proctors: Cat B. & Jaye B.
Class Length: 2.5 Hours
Schedule: Sun 1:30 pm- 4PM

What is it?

This is sparring in soft kit Battle Gear where students participate in “one hit” Bear Pit fights, duels, and melee training.

What should a student expect from this class?

This is an open format where students and non-students of every level may participate. The class will be monitored by a proctor and at certain intervals singles fighting or small melee teams may be called. Students should expect to get hit and exert themselves physically. Due to the “every level” participation, students must be prepared for the unexpected. A proctor will be
on hand to mediate any issues.

What equipment is needed from the Student for this class?

  • Gi
  • Dedicated indoor gym shoes
  • Full soft kit (rental equipment available)
  • Rash guard
  • Groin protector
  • Water bottle

What is the goal of this class?

The goal for this class is to provide an opportunity for students to put skills to work in an active format. It is also an opportunity for non-students to try-out Battle Gear Combat.