Knight Fit

Instructors: Jaye B., Marie B., Dustin G.
Class Length: 45 Minutes
Schedule: Mon 6-8PM, Wed 11AM & 6-8PM

What is it?

“Knight-Fit” is a fitness preparedness workout for the rigors of armored combat. It is based on HIIT using TABATA driven protocols. Building on a student’s personalized level of fitness, Knight-Fit is tailor made for large diverse classes of every skill level. All students at the Knights Hall should commit to attending a minimum of one Knight-Fit Class per week and a maximum of three Knight-Fit Classes per week.

What should a student expect from this class?

Students should expect to sweat and exert themselves physically. This will be a strenuous workout, so it is recommended that students bring a water bottle and do not eat heavily before class.

What equipment is needed from the Student for this class?

Students should bring to class appropriate workout clothes, gym shoes (dedicated indoor shoes for workouts are preferred), yoga mat, bottle of water and a towel.

What is the goal of this class?

The goal for this class is to prepare all students for combat, grappling, and various weapons work.