Jaye T. Brooks Sr.

Pronouns: He/Him

6 Time World Champion Axe Fighter, Jaye T. Brooks Sr has 42 years’ experience in armored combat and is the owner, founder and senior instructor of his school, The Knights Hall™. He is the only person in the world with this background who also teaches, trains and currently competes in the top ten percent of armored combat fighting talent in the United States.

Jaye is one of the top creative minds behind Chapter Wars™, (an inclusive armored combat sport, where teams of armored fighters all over the country and internationally can compete with each other and gather points towards a seasonal championship). Jaye is the leading mind and originator of the combat rule sets for the Armored Combat Sports™, Chapter Wars™, the “International Medieval Combat Federation” and Knight Fights™, creating a safe and competitive framework for participants.

Consistently training and guiding new fighters into the sport of Armored Combat, Jaye continually works with his staff at The Knights Hall to bring new and innovative ideas to his students.

As a Consulting Producer of History’s Hit TV Show “Knight Fight” Jaye Coached the participants in historical weapons usage and educated them on the techniques used in Knight Fights™. He provided historical content and education for the historical accuracy of the show as well oversaw the set design for the fighting rails and detailed safety protocols for participants and crew. Jaye has been a student of Historical Combat Arts for near 50 years and is right at home discussing his favorite subjects of historical fighting, battles and training of knights in armor during the Middle Ages & Renaissance.