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At The Knights Hall, we provide immersive and educational experiences for people of all ages to help them become their best possible selves.

Our Cadet Program is specifically designed to provide your child with an immersive learning experience bound to bring out their creativity and laughter while they fence.

Our instructors are all accomplished armored historical Fencing champions.(Armored Combat, WMA, Behourd) 

Children 8-15 Will learn how to fence with swords and spears while in historical armor.

This program provides it cadets with physical activity, team work, leadership, endurance and perseverance, all while engaged by our world class competitors. 

Children will be instructed fitness, and proper fencing techniques, all while having the time of their lives. Instruction will also include team work as students will learn and participate 1vs1 and group melees.

The swords and spears will be foam. the equipment  in use is tried and tested and the safety of you child is our top concern. 

Your first payment will include your child's first suit of armor and side sword. 

Armor will consist of Helm, Coif, Padded Jack, gauntlets, side sword. 

The price for membership is $499.00 now and then $125.00 per Month.

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