Test Page

This is an example of an event registration page. Here you can add all the details you want everyone to know. You can put this in a page or post, but a page would likely be better as posts will appear in the blog.

    Contact Info

    What is your best contact method? (Include FB or Discord username if different from your legal name above.)

    What roles would you be volunteering for?

    Teams will be chosen the day of the event so let us know which teams you will possibly be fighting for *OR* if you will be supporting our fighters that day, OR, if you are coming to do some pick up matches when the list is available: *

    I am registering as:


    The Huntsmen and Outlaws are the Open Division. The Witches and Queens are the Non-male division. Pickups are arranged individually rather than as a part of a division.

    Support Personnel

    Please wear weather appropriate modern clothing: black pants/shorts, a plain black or Knights Hall branded shirt, and closed toe shoes. This will help us identify support more easily although we may have a different identifier, but for now "backstage black" is The Way.

    CHAPTER MATCH: Support Roles: Please choose preferred role (List management reserves the right to assign roles as needed) If you choose the Referee or Counter option PLEASE have a working knowledge of the rules and what constitutes a strike that counts.